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(Here’s what’s actually worth it).
Let’s be honest: You made some purchases this year thanks to TikTok (join the club). There really isn’t a better way to find out about some of life’s greatest hacks and timesavers than a viral clip highlighting a gadget. From clever ways to chop a watermelon to the best family-approved carpet cleaner—there are so many amazing TikTok finds out there….but there’s also a lot of noise.
To help narrow down your search, we rounded up our favorite gadgets from videos we watched over and over again. We even included a smart toaster that ensures your morning and toast are golden. Think of this as a recap of the best moments of 2021 that we’re sure to bring with us going into the new year. It’s near impossible to resist heading to checkout after watching hundreds of videos showing you much you need a mini-fridge. Sometimes, you can’t help but admit, “TikTok made me buy it.” Shop our favorites below!
Whether you watched a relaxing snack organization video or how to dedicate your mini-fridge to your skincare routine, we learned a lot about the versatility of a fridge this year. It’s even available in fun 7 colors!
If you have a huge candle collection, this electric lighter has a flexible neck that will help you light the wick with ease—especially when your wax is low.
This small but mighty gem tackles stubborn stains from your sofa, rug, or floor no matter the size of the mess.
Some fruits and veggies are difficult to chop without one of them rolling away. Add in your produce of choice and it will slice it in half for you! 
Whether you have roommates or kids that share a bathroom, this multifunctional toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispenser will leave your family in awe. It also comes with four cups for mouthwash!
Keep your chips crisp and fresh with this vacuum that will seal your snacks shut using heat. When it’s time to snack again, you can use the cutter to open your bag.
Not only will this smart gadget keep your phone fully charged, but it has a built-in UV sanitizer to make sure every cellphone in your home is germ-free.
If you haven’t seen this mug on your social media feed or in your friend’s home, you’ll be happy to purchase an insulated mug that can withstand temperatures ranging from -30°C to 400°C. Your beverage can keep its intended temperature without freezing or burning up your hands. 
No more crying over burnt toast thanks to a smart toaster that allows you to heat up your bread of choice and the crisp level. Your mornings just got better!
Dog and cat owners can agree on something: we love our pets, but we don’t love brushing their shedding hair all over our furniture. This tool can be reused constantly and doesn’t require adhesive paper or tape. 
For the days you want a barista experience but don’t feel like driving to the most popular cafe in your neighborhood, this handheld foam maker will whisk your lattes into a delight. 
With just one push, you can keep your dishes spotless and reduce the use of soap bottles using this dispenser.
If your partner forgets their keys, this smart lock allows for keyless entry using fingerprint, an app, passcode, and more! It will also track when the lock was used and the fingerprints used to unlock the door! 
Chop up sweet cubes of watermelon without making a huge mess. The set also includes a cute watermelon scooper.
Viral organization videos are soothing and encourage you to try different storage techniques in your home. This jar set is air-tight to keep your seasonings fresh. 
Whether you like your eggs soft, medium, or hard-boiled this electric cooker ensures you perfect eggs every time. It can hold up to seven eggs and automatically shuts with a buzzer when breakfast is ready. 
If you love working out outdoors or have an indoor gym, this Bluetooth water bottle will push you to the limit. It’s insulated with a rechargeable battery and has a speaker to serenade you while you work out.
This adorable mini waffle maker is not only a great gift, but compact enough to store in your kitchen cabinet.
Finally, you can chop onions without crying thanks to this food chopper! You keep your hands clean and scent-free by tossing in your veggies and pressing the top button. 
Available in 5 shades, this soft serve maker makes dessert worth it every single time. If you have certain food restrictions or love to make homemade treats, you can enjoy sorbets, parfaits, or ice cream for yourself or your whole family.
If you have a tiny apartment, this gem will be the perfect investment. It has a built-in water tank and three wash programs to keep your dishware spotless.