Splintered Lands deck-building card game is set in a post-apocalypse environment – Gadget Flow

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Be a part of an alternate Earth 200 years into the future with the Splintered Lands deck-building card game. Suitable for ages 13+ and requiring 2 participants, Splintered Lands shows the importance of how your resources are everything. Moreover, you need to spend your Authority to gain power, attract skilled allies, and assert your influence. Authority represents the supplies and staffing necessary for you to have any influence over your new hostile environment. In fact, you need to spend Authority to acquire cards from the Dunes row. The game ends when one player loses all of their Authority. Finally, in this card game, you never how what opportunities lie ahead of you in the Dunes. So you have to commit resources before setting out.
Travel 200 years ahead of time with this post-apocalypse card game.