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Apple Pay and Google Pay are among the top choices of users when it comes to digital/mobile payment systems. Both of these services offer features that can definitely benefit consumers. 
But, what is the best one for you? To help you further, here’s a detailed comparison of Apple Pay and Google Pay. 
According to CNET‘s report, Apple Pay and Google Pay are both exclusive to their companies’ own mobile software models. This means that if you want to use Apple Pay, then your device should be an iPhone. 
On the other hand, Google Pay is exclusive to Android devices. If you want to see further details, you can check their actual comparison below: 

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Based on the details above, it seems like Apple Pay and Google Pay are both identical. However, Investopedia reported that Google Pay offers more features than its competitor. 
For example, this mobile payment service is compatible with PayPal while Apple Pay is not. On the other hand, Google works with more bank cards compared to Apple Pay. 
However, it still stores your personal data on its servers. Meanwhile, Apple Pay promises that your sensitive information is not tracked on their servers. 
Instead, they prefer working with your banks to know if you are really the one accessing your Apple Pay account. 
Previously, Google Pay cards plans to store crypto by partnering with BitPay and Coinbase. 
In April, the Apple Pay shutdown disappointed a Russian law firm, leading to a lawsuit against the iPhone maker. 
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